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  • The free movement of persons, including visa-free travel within the European Communities, was established by 1964, long before the UK joined the European Communities.
  • The UK has never joined the Schengen Agreement providing for passport-free travel between its signatories.
  • The UK retains full control over its borders, including in respect of EU citizens and UK nationals.
  • The UK can restrict entry to its territory on grounds of public health and public security, subject to the principle of proportionality.
  • The Settlement Agreement contains agreed restrictions on the rights of non-UK EU nationals to claim in work benefits within the UK for a period of up to 9 years.
  • A broader restriction on the rights of EU nationals to enter the UK would be a significant derogation from principles of the EU Treaties that were in place long before the UK joined the European Communities.
  • For so long as it remains a member of the EU, the UK has a veto over new members of the EU and the terms on which such members are permitted to join.