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  • The free movement of services enables UK individuals and businesses to provide cross-border services and to establish branches in other Member States, subject only to non-discriminatory restrictions that can be justified on grounds of public policy.
  • Completion of the single market in services is a major economic priority of the UK Government, reflecting the fact that the UK is the leading Member State in relation to the provision of services, accounting for 80% of UK GDP.
  • The rights conferred by EU law apply only to individuals and businesses established within the territory of the EU – financial or legal services undertakings that wished to protect their EU law rights would therefore need to be established in one of the Member States.
  • Non EU Member States wishing to have access to the single market for services would need to negotiate such access on terms over which they would no control, either at the time of agreement or thereafter.
  • In practice, non EU Member States who have obtained such access have been required by the EU to accept the free movement of persons.